Born in a Naval Hospital in Camp Lejeune NC, my father a marine for the armed forces relocated to Asheville, NC when I was the age of three years old. My music influence came in the seventh grade when a boy who had failed a couple of grades brought his guitar to school at the end of the year. He picked and sang some songs. I thought how great that looks and so easy so I went home and pulled out my Gibson guitar I got when I was six years old and tried to play it. It wasn’t so easy. I couldn’t play anything so my dad (Jack) taught me three chords and I learned to play “Power in The Blood”. For some reason I started writing short stories and I loved writing in detail. I played that ole Gibson in church, mostly rhythm with piano and accordion. I learned all the chords.

In high school we had a folk group that toured the smaller school grades. I auditioned and got the guitar job with “ The Hilltoppers.” At the age of sixteen one Saturday night I was asked to play guitar in a night club to a packed out house. I had never meet the musicians, singer or never had played at a night club before. Never had heard the songs they were picking. I tuned up with the bass guitar and told the singer to tell me fast or slow and what key and I’d do the rest. I was hired full time and so off to my career.

At the age of seventeen I graduated from high school having played everything from George Jones to the Eagles to Jimmy Hendrix I was ready for Nashville. The day I graduated I left for Nashville leaving a note on the family bible for my parents (Jack and Maggie) their only child “Gone to Nashville”. Upon arriving in Nashville the first person on the street I met got me a job picking through the week and another job picking on the weekends. Two jobs my first day, great! I called home to tell of my good fortune and mom tells me to come home, don’t throw your life away like this. At that time God impressed in my spirit “Honor thy Father and Mother” and thy days will be long upon the land. So I came home to work with the local government.

I continued to play clubs for many years. I opened for acts such as: T. Graham Brown, Doug Stone, The Beach Boys, John Conley, Marty Stuart, Kris Khristopherson, Mothers Finest and The Bama Band etc… I must tell you I’ve had downs and highs in my life but on February 21st year of 2000. I had my greatest high: “Jesus”. I asked God to take all the impurities out of my life, the things I couldn’t change on my own and he did. I now find myself giving God all the glory. I write everything I record and each and every song I record is inspired by God. Prayed over and fasted over to uplift the kingdom to help save lost souls to uplift the Christians to exalt Christ.

I have asked God to help with the financing of these works I record. The seed that people sow and have sown used by God is enormous. God only knows the “Seed that you Sow”. With the two cds now out and two single releases to nation wide radio: “Hero” and “Seed you Sow” through Higgins Music Group. I stand in awe at what Gods going to do for I know there is “Power in the Blood”

Myself and beautiful wife, Lisa of twenty years are so blessed and privileged to be making our home in the Blue Ridge Mtns of Western NC located in the rural town of Burnsville with bragging rights of living right in the woods next to the highest peak east of the Mississippi river, called Mount Mitchell. Stories and legends tall and wide as the mountain itself. We have no children but share this lovely place with our many dogs and two cats. We attend a home church of Calvary Worship Center in the town of Marshall where we hear the word of God preached and have the freedom to worship and glorify our wonderful Lord and Savior. I have the privilege of playing with the musicians and singing with the wonderful choir to usher in the presence of the lord. What a honor it is to live, breath and have our being in Christ Jesus himself.

Wayne Atkins